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Vetenskapliga originalpublikationer

De flesta av våra publikationer finns med svensk sammanfattning samt länkar till publikationer under respektive forskningsområden, samt i kronologisk ordning nedan.


Wikström, E., Severin, J., Jonsdottir, I.H. and Akerstrom, M. (2022), "Process facilitators shifting between the support and expert roles in a complex work environment intervention in the Swedish healthcare sector", Journal of Health Organization and Management, Vol. 36 No. 9, pp. 25-47.

Babapour M, Hultberg A, Bosic N.
Post-Pandemic Office Work- Perceived Challenges and Opportunities for a Sustainable Work Environment
Publicerad i:Environment. Sustainability 2022,14, 294. 
Svensk sammanfattning Kontorsarbete efter pandemin


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A pre/post analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on psychosocial work environment and recovery among hospital staff in a large university hospital in Sweden
Publicerad i: Journal of Public Health Research, 2021
Svensk sammanfattning - Arbetsmiljön inom vården i covid-19-pandemin

Bergenheim, A.; Ahlborg, G., Jr.; Bernhardsson, S.
Nature-Based Rehabilitation for Patients with Long-Standing Stress-Related Mental Disorders: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis of Patients’ Experiences
Publicerad i: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021
Svensk sammanfattning  - Patienters upplevelser av naturbaserad rehabilitering

Beno A, Hensing G, Lindegård A, Jonsdottir IH.
Self-reported changes in work situation - a cross-sectional study of patients 7 years after treatment for stress-related exhaustion
Publicerad i: BMC Public Health, 2021
Sammanfattning på svenska - Förändringar i arbetslivet efter behandling

Gulin S, Ellbin S, Jonsdottir IH, Lindqvist Bagge AS.
Is obsessive-compulsive personality disorder related to stress-related exhaustion?
Publicerad i: Brain and Behavior, 2021
Sammanfattning på svenska - Personlighetsdrag och utmattningssyndrom

Ellbin S, Jonsdottir I.H, Eckerström C, Eckerström M.
Selfreported cognitive impairment and daily life functioning 712 years after seeking care for stress-related exhaustion
Publicerad i: Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 2021
Sammanfattning på svenska - Kognitiva besvär, en långtidsuppföljning vid UMS

Corin, L, Pousette, A, Berglund, T, Dellve, L, Hensing, G and Björk, L. 
Occupational trajectories of working conditions in Sweden: Development trends in the Swedish workforce, 1997–2015
Publicerad i: Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health, 2021
Sammanfattning på svenska - Arbetsförhållanden och utvecklingstrender i Sverige

Björk L, Glise K, Pousette A, Holmgren K, Bertilsson M.
Implementing employer involvement for patients with stress-related disorders in Swedish primary care – a process evaluation
Publicerad i: Journal of Family Medicine & Community Health, 2021

Åkerström M, Severin J, Imberg H, Jonsdottir I.H, Björk L, Corin L
Methodological approach for measuring the effects of organisational-level interventions on employee withdrawal behaviour
Publicerad i: International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, 2021
Sammanfattning på svenska - Metodik för att utvärdera effekten av arbetsmiljöinsatser på organisatorisk nivå

Liff R & Wikström E
Rumours and gossip demand continuous action by managers in daily working life, Culture and Organization
Publicerad i: Culture and organization, 2021
Sammanfattning på svenska - Informell information

Åkerström M, Corin L, Severin J, Jonsdottir I.H. Björk L
Can Working Conditions and Employees’ Mental Health Be Improved via Job Stress Interventions Designed and Implemented by Line Managers and Human Resources on an Operational Level?
Publicerad i: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021
Sammanfattning på svenska - Arbetsmiljöinsatser designade av första linjens chefer

Severin J, Björk L, Corin L, Jonsdottir I.H. Åkerström M
Process Evaluation of an Operational-Level Job Stress Intervention Aimed at Decreasing Sickness Absence among Public Sector Employees in Sweden
Publicerad i: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021
Sammanfattning på svenska - Arbetsmiljöinsatser designade av första linjens chefer


Söderberg, M. ., Andersson, E. M. ., Björk, L. ., & Wastensson, G. . 
Study Demands, Social Support and Mental Health in Teacher Education Students: A Cross-Sectional Study
Publicerad i: Journal of Educational and Social Research, 2020

Cederberg M, Ali L, Ekman I, Glise K, Jonsdottir I.H, Gyllensten H, Swedberg K, Fors A.
Person-centred eHealth intervention for patients on sick leave due to common mental disorders: study protocol of a randomised controlled trial and process evaluation (PROMISE)
Publicerad i: BMJ Open, 2020 

Arvidson E, Dahlman AS, Börjesson M, Gullstrand L, Jonsdottir IH.
The effects of exercise training on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis reactivity and autonomic response to acute stress-a randomized controlled study 
Publicerad i: BMC Trials, 2020

Håkansson, C., Gard, G. & Lindegård, A.
Perceived work stress, overcommitment, balance in everyday life, individual factors, self-rated health and work ability among women and men in the public sector in Sweden – a longitudinal study
Publicerad i: Archives of Public Health, 2020
Sammanfattning på svenska - Arbetsförmåga och arbetsrelaterad stress

Rosta, J., Bååthe, F., Aasland, O. G., & Isaksson Rø, K. 
Changes in work stress among doctors in Norway from 2010 to 2019: a study based on repeated surveys
Publicerad i: BMJ Open, 2020

Holmström, P., Hallberg, S., Björk‐Eriksson, T., Lindberg, J., Olsson, C., Bååthe, F., & Davidsen, P.
Insights gained from a systematic reanalysis of a successful model‐facilitated change process in health care
Publicerad i: Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 2020

Hadžibajramović E, Shaufeli W, De Witte H
A Rasch analysis of the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT)
Publicerad i: PLOS ONE, 2020
Sammanfattning på svenska - Validering av Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT)

Arvidsson I, Gremark Simonsen J, Lindegård-Andersson A, Björk J, Nordander C
The impact of occupational and personal factors on musculoskeletal pain - a cohort study of female nurses, sonographers and teachers
Publicerad i: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 2020
Sammanfattning på svenska - Ergonomiska och psykosociala faktorer i arbetet

Skau S, Jonsdottir IH, Sjörs Dahlman A, Johansson B, Kuhn HG.
Exhaustion disorder and altered brain activity in frontal cortex detected with fNIRS
Publicerad i: Stress, 2020 
Sammanfattning på svenska - Kognitiv funktion och hjärnaktivitet

Åkerström M, Severin J
Organisatoriska problem löses inte med hjälp av individåtgärder. En analys av åtgärder för att förbättra arbetsmiljön och sänka sjukfrånvaron i en svensk region
Publicerad i: Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 2020

Glise K, Wiegner L, Jonsdottir I.H.
Long-Term follow-up of residual symptom in patients treated for stress-related exhaustion
Publicerad i: BMC Psychology, 2020
Sammanfattning på svenska - Kvarvarande symptom och klinisk utmattning

Jonsson R, Lindegård A, Björk L, Nilsson K.
Organizational hindrances to the retention of Older Healthcare workers
Publicerad i: Nordic Journal of Working Life, 2020
Sammanfattning på svenska - Äldre arbetskraft behövs i vården

Sörbo, A, Eiving I, Theodorsson E, Rydenhag B, Jonsdottir I.H.
Pre‐traumatic conditions can influence cortisol levels before and after a brain injury
Publicerad i: Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, 2020

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Association of change in physical activity and sleep complaints: Results from a 6-year longitudinal study with Swedish health care workers 
Publicerad i: Sleep Medicine, 2020 


Björk L, Stengård J, Söderberg M, Andersson E, Wastensson G
Beginning teachers' work satisfaction, self-efficacy and willingness to stay in the profession: a question of job demands-resources balance?
Publicerad i: Teachers and Teaching, 2019

Lindegård A, Wastensson G, Hadzibajramovic E, Grimby-Ekman A
Longitudinal associations between cardiorespiratory fitness and stress-related exhaustion, depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances
Publicerad i: BMC Public Health, 2019
Sammanfattning på svenska - Fysisk kondition och stressrelaterad utmattning

Van Ettinger-Veenstra H, Lundberg P, Alföldi P, Södermark M, Graven-Nielsen T, Sjörs A, Engström M, Gerdle B.
Chronic widespread pain patients show disrupted cortical connectivity in default mode and salience networks, modulated by pain sensitivity
Publicerad i: Journal of Pain Research, 2019

Cregård A och Corin L. 
Public sector managers: the decision to leave or remain in a job
Publicerad i: Human Resource Development International, 2019
Sammanfattning på svenska - Chef i offentlig sektor: att lämna eller stanna kvar

Sjörs A, Blennow K, Zetterberg H, Glise K, Jonsdottir IH.
Growth factors and neurotrophins in patients with stress-related exhaustion disorder
Publicerad i: Psychoneuroendocrinology, 2019
Sammanfattning på svenska - Låga nivåer av nervtillväxtfaktorer

Berthelsen H, Westerlund H, Pejtersen J H, Hadzibajramovic E.
Construct validity of a global scale for social capital based on COPSOQ III
Publicerad i: PLoS ONE, 2019

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Concurrent and lagged effects of psychosocial job stressors on symptoms of burnout
Publicerad i: International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, 2019 

Holmgren K, Hensing G, Bültmann U, Hadzibajramovic E, Niklasson Larsson M.
Does early identification of work-related stress, combined with feedback at GP-consultation, prevents sick leave the following 12 months? A randomized controlled trial in Primary Health Care
Publicerad i: BMC Public Health, 2019 

Wiegner L, Hange D, Svenningson I, Björkelund C, Peterson E-L
Newly educated care managers’ experiences of providing care for persons with stress-related mental disorders in the clinical primary care context 
Publicerad i: PLoS ONE, 2019

Babapour Chafi, M, Harder M, Bodin Danielsson, C
Workspace preferences and non-preferences in Activity-based Flexible Offices: Two case studies
Publicerad i: Applied Ergonomics, 2019
Sammanfattning på svenska - Preferenser i aktivitetsbaserad arbetsmiljö

Bååthe F, Rosta J, Bringedal B, Isaksson Rø
How do doctors experience the interactions among professional fulfillment, organisational factors and quality of patient care? 
Publicerad i: BMJ Open, 2019

Jonsdottir I.H, Dahlman A.S
Endocrine and immunological aspects of burnout: a narrative review
Publicerad i: European Journal of Endocrinology, 2019
Svensk sammanfattning - Hormoner och immunfunktion vid burnout /utmattningssyndrom


Arvidsson E, Dahlman A.S, Börjesson M, Gullstrand L, Jonsdottir I.H
Exercise training and physiological responses to acute stress: study protocol and methodological considerations of a randomised controlled trial
Publicerad i: BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, 2018
Sammanfattning på svenska - Fysisk träning och stressfysiologiska reaktioner

Bertilsson M, Maeland S, Löve J, Ahlborg Jr G, Werner L.E, Hensing G
The capacity to work puzzle: a qualitative study of physicians’ assessments for patients with common mental disorders 
Publicerad i: BMC Family Practice, 2018
Sammanfattning på svenska - Bedömning av arbetsförmåga och sjukskrivning hos patienter med depressions- och ångestsjukdom

Björk L, Glise K, Pousette A, Bertilsson M, Holmgren K
Involving the employer to enhance return to work among patients with stress-related mental disorders – study protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial in Swedish primary health care
Publicerad i: BMC Public Health, 2018
Sammanfattning på svenska - PRIMA-protokollet

Hadrévi J, Jonsdottir I.H.,Jansson P, Eriksson J.W, Sjörs A
Plasma metabolomic patterns in patients with exhaustion disorder
Publicerad i: Stress - The International Journal on the Biology of Stress, 2018
Sammanfattning på svenska - Metabola förändringar vid utmattningssyndrom

Brodin E, Hadzibajramovic E, Baghaei F, Sunnerhagen KS, Lundgren-Nilsson Å.
Self-reported activity of Swedish persons with haemophilia: Change over 2.5 years
Publicerad i: Journal of Rehabilitation Medicin, 2018

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Nyexaminerade om lärarutbildningen i Sverige och i Finland
Publicerad i: Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv, 2018, nr 3-4, s. 66-84


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Value-based healthcare as a trigger for improvement initiatives
Publicerad i: Leadership in Health Services, 2017

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Employees´conceptions of coworkership in a Swedish health care organization 
Publicerad i: Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, 2017
Sammanfattning på svenska - Medarbetarskap inom hälso- och sjukvården

Ellbin S, Engen N, Jonsdottir I.H, Nordlund A
Assessment of cognitive function in patients with stress-related exhaustion using the Cognitive Assessment Battery (CAB)
Publicerad i: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 2017
Sammanfattning på svenska - Enkelt test för screening av kognitiv funktion

Jonsdottir I.H, Nordlund A, Ellbin S, Ljung T, Glise K, Währborg P, Sjörs A.
Working memory and attention are still impaired after three years in patients with stress-related exhaustion
Publicerad i: Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 2017
Sammanfattning på svenska - Fortfarande inte kognitivt återställd efter 3 år

Gerber M, Lindwall M, Börjesson M, Hadzibajramovic E, Jonsdottir I.H.
Low leisure-time physical activity, but not shift-work, is associated with subjective sleep complaints: A two-year prospective study in Swedish hospital employees
Publicerad i: Mental Health and Physical activity, 2017
Sammanfattning på svenska - Fysisk aktivitet ger bättre sömn trots skiftarbete

Cregård, A., Corin, L., & Skagert, K
Voluntary turnover among public sector managers: A review
Publicerad i: Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration, 2017
Sammanfattning på svenska - Chefsomsättning i offentlig sektor - Vad vet vi egentligen om orsakerna?

Wramsten W M, Dellve L, Ahlborg Jr G, Jacobsson C.
Swedish Healthcare Managers and the Media – A Study of Strategies and Support During Mass Media Attention
Publicerad i: Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 2017
Sammanfattning på svenska - Chefers hantering av media

Krabbe, D, Ellbin S, Nilsson M, Jonsdottir IH, Samuelsson H
Executive function and attention in patients with stress-related exhaustion: perceived fatigue and effect of distraction
Publicerad i: The International Journal on the Biology of Stress, 2017
Sammanfattning på svenska - Kognitiv nedsättning undersöks vid störande ljud

Stenfors C, Jonsdottir IH, Magnusson-Hanson L, Theorell T.
Systemic cytokine levels, cognitive complaints and cognitive function in a population-based sample of working adults
Publicerad i: Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 2017
Sammanfattning på svenska - Inflammatoriska markörer

Håkansson C, Ahlborg G Jr.
Occupational imbalance and the role of perceived stress in predicting stress-related disorders
Publicerad i: Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2017


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Job demands and job resources in human service managerial work – An external assessment through work content analysis.
Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, January 4, 2017.
Sammanfattning på svenska

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Differences in organizational preconditions for managers in genderized municipal services.
Scandinavian Journal of Management, 2016
Sammanfattning på svenska

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Physical activity on prescription (PAP): self-reported physical activity and quality of life in a Swedish primary care population, 2-year follow-up
Scandinavian journal of primary care, November 2016
Sammanfattning på svenska

Lindegård, A, Nordander, C, Jacobsson, H, Arvidsson I
Opting to wear prismatic spectacles was associated with reduced neck pain in dental personnel: a longitudinal cohort study.
BMC Musculoskeletal disorders, 2016
Sammanfattning på svenska

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Low heart rate variability in patients with clinical burnout.
International Journal of Psychophysiology, Dec 2016
Sammanfattning på svenska

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Changes in DHEA-s levels during the first year of treatment in patients with clinical burnout are related to health development,
Biological Psychology, aug 2016
Sammanfattning på svenska

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Exploring communication processes in workplace meetings: A mixed methods study in a Swedish healthcare organization,
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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska


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Scand J Med Sci Sports, December 2015
Sammanfattning på svenska

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Changes in mental health in compliers and non-compliers with physical activity recommendations in patients with stress-related exhaustion.
BMC Psychiatry, November 2015
Sammanfattning på svenska

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Low Levels of Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate in Younger Burnout Patients.
PLOS One, Oktober 2015
Sammanfattning på svenska

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J Public Health, September 2015
Sammanfattning på svenska

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Indication of attenuated DHEA-s response during acute psychosocial stress in patients with clinical burnout
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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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No alterations in diurnal cortisol profiled before and during treatment in patients with stress-related exhaustion
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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Promoting Graded Exercise as a Part of Multimodal Treatment in Patients Diagnosed with Stress-Related Exhaustion
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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Health care professional's experience-based understanding of individuals' capacity to work while depressed and anxious
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Sammanfattning på svenska


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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Prevalence and course of somatic symptoms in patients with stress related exhaustion: Does sex or age matter?
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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Burnout is associated with elevated prolactin levels in men but not in women.
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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska


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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Sammanfattning på svenska

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Stress, Augusti 2013

Bååthe F, Norbäck LE.
Engaging physicians in organisational development work.
Journal of Health Organization and Management, 2013
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Gerber, M, Lindwall M, Lindegård A, Börjesson M. Jonsdottir I.H.
Cardiorespiratory Fitness Protects Against Stress-Related Symptoms of Burnout and Depression.
Patient Educ Couns, April 2013 
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Lennartsson A-K, Theorell T, Kushnir MM, Bergquist J, Jonsdottir IH.
Perceived stress at work is associated with attenuated DHEA-S response during acute psychosocial stress.
Psychoneuroendocrinology, Februari 2013
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Lundgren Å, Jonsdottir IH, AhlborgGA, Tennant A.
The internal (factorial) construct validity of the Psychological General Well Being Index (PGWBI) in a sample of patients undergoing treatment for stress-related exhaustion.
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 2013
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Sjörs A, Jansson P-A, Eriksson J, Jonsdottir IH.
Increased insulin secretion and decreased glucose levels, but not allostatic load, are related to stress-related exhaustion in a clinical patient population
Stress, Januari 2013
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Jonsdottir IH, Nordlund A, Glise K, Ellbin S, Ljung T, Währborg P and Wallin A.
Cognitive impairment in patients with stress-related exhaustion
Stress, Mars 2013
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Lindgren Å, Bååthe F, Dellve L.
Why risk professional fulfilment: a grounded theory of physician engagement in healthcare development.
International Journal of Health Planning and Management Int J Health Plann Manage, November 2012
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Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture, 2012
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Self-reported leisure time physical activity: a useful assessment tool in everyday health care.
BMC Public Health, Augusti 2012
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Sjörs A, Ljung T, Jonsdottir I.H.
Long-term follow-up of cortisol awakening response in patients treated for stress-related exhaustion.
BMJ Open, 2012
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Lennartsson A-K, Kushnir MM, Bergquist J, Billig H and Jonsdottir IH.
Sex steroid levels temporarily increase in response to acute psychosocial stress in healthy men and women.
International Journal for Psychophysiology, Juni 2012 
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Lindwall M, Hadžibajramović E, Ljung T, Jonsdottir IH.
Self-reported physical activity, but not aerobic fitness, is related to mental health.
Mental health and physical activity, 2012 
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Lennartsson A-K, Kushnir MM, Bergquist J, Jonsdottir IH.
DHEA and DHEA-S response to acute psychosocial stress in healthy men and women
Biological Psychology, Maj 2012
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Lindegård A, Wahlström J, Hagberg M, Wihelmsson R, Toomingas A Tornqvist E.
Perceived exertion, comfort and working technique in professional computer users and associations with the incidence of neck and upper extremity symptoms.
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, Mars 2012
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Glise K, Ahlborg G Jr and Jonsdottir I.H.
Course of mental illness in patients with stress-related exhaustion. Does gender and age make a difference?
BMC Psychiatry, Mars 2012
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Lundgren-Nilsson A, Jonsdottir IH, Pallant J, Ahlborg G Jr.
Internal construct validity of the Shirom-Melamed Burnout questionnaire (SMBQ).

BMC Public Health, Januari 2012
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Lindegård A, Gustafsson M, Hansson G-Å.
Effects of optometric correction including prismatic lenses on head and neck kinematics, perceived exertion and comfort during dental work in the oral cavity – A randomised controlled intervention.
Applied Ergonomics, Januari 2012 
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A prospective study of managers' turnover and health in a healthcare organization.
Journal of Nursing Management, December 2011
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Technique, muscle activity and kinematic differences in young adults texting on mobile phones.
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Work attendance among health care workers: prevalence, incentives and consequences for health and performance.
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A grounded theory study in Swedish hospitals.
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Prolactin response to acute pshychosocial stress in healthy men and women.
Psychoneuroendocrinology, November 2011
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Healthcare workers' participation in a healthy-lifestyle-promotion project in western Sweden.
BMC Public Health, Juni 2011
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Longitudinal relations between psychosocial work environment, stress and the development of musculoskeletal pain 2011.
Stress & Health, Augusti 2011 
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Myofeedback training and intensive muscular strength training to decrease pain and improve work ability among female workers on long-term sick leave with neck pain: a randomized controlled trial.
Int Arch Occup Environ Health, 2011
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Relation between patient satisfaction, compliance and the clinical benefit of a teletreatment application for chronic pain
J Telemed Telecare, 2010
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Self-reported exhaustion: a possible indicator of reduced work ability and increased risk of sickness absence among human service workers.
Int Arch Occup Environ Health, Juni 2010
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Monocyte chemotactic protein-1 (MCP-1) and growth factors called into question as markers of prolonged psychosocial stress.
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