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23:e Nordiska traumakonferensen 7-8/12 2023

Welcome to the 23rd Nordic Conference for Professionals working with Traumatised Refugees – Rehabilitating Torture Survivors and Traumatised Refugees in Göteborg, Sweden on the 7th and 8th of December 2023.

The aim of the conference is to strengthen the network and collaboration of Nordic professionals working with traumatised refugees. Experts in the field working in other parts of the world are welcome to attend the conference.   

The theme for the 23rd Nordic Conference is Rehabilitating Torture Survivors and Traumatised Refugees. We hope to further our knowledge and understanding of different aspects of treating and rehabilitating victims of torture, severely traumatised refugees and their families, and even to discuss our role in documenting and possibly reporting cases of torture. 

For more information go to webbsite Nordic conference traumatised refugees 2023

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