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PODD Two Day Introductory Workshop

September 27 and 28, we invite you to a two day introductory workshop in PODD held by Gayle Porter from Australia. The workshop will be held in English. Read more below.

PODD, which stands for Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display, is a comprehensive communication system for individuals who cannot meet all of their communication needs with speech alone. The way vocabulary is organised in PODD is influenced by the pragmatics of communication, i.e. how we use language. PODD has also been designed to support motor automaticity. It’s designed to allow users to communicate their own ideas and thoughts.

This course aims to give the participants basic knowledge and experience in using PODD. It is also a first step to becoming a certified PODD trainer and be able to introduce PODD to individual AAC users. The aim is to be able to support the individual and his or her communication partners to find strategies to communicate effectively no matter with whom they speak or in what context.

Course content

  • Communicating and learning with AAC
  • The layout of the PODD communication books
  • Hands-on practice in communicating with PODD
  • Case studies
  • Alternative access methods

Date and time

September 27-28, 9 am - 5 pm both days. 


Gamlestadsvägen 2-4, 415 02, Gothenburg


4 500 Swedish krona (not including VAT). Coffee is included.


You can register for the course here. Register at the latest September 1, 2023.

Practical information

The workshop will be held in English. A PODD trainer in training from Dart will act as Gayle's assistant.

Contact Dart if you have questions regarding the course, at dart.su@vgregion.se

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