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The Swedish language

Proficiency in the Swedish language is an important condition for obtaining a Swedish licence and being able to establish oneself on the labour market.

PLUS Intro - Swedish language training

Region Västra Götaland operates PLUS Intro, a language training course in professional Swedish with a healthcare introduction for newly arrived doctors and nurses. The aim of the training is that the participants reach language proficiency level C1. As a participant in PLUS Intro, you receive an introduction to Swedish healthcare as well as support in the process towards a Swedish licence. You are welcome to read more about and send in your application. Courses currently start twice a year, in January and August.

PLUS Intro

Language requirements

There are various language requirements to take into account. For more information, visit the websites below.

The National Board of Health and Welfare
Apply for a licence - Legitimation (

C1-test at Folkuniversitetet
Language examinations - Folkuniversitetet

Swedish as a Foreign Language 3
Komvuxutbildning inom svenska (

TISUS - Test in Swedish for higher education studies
Education - Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism (

About the Swedish language
Startsida - Svenska språket

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