Sustainability – For our planet and for every human being

Region Västra Götaland works according to the vision of The good life. This requires sustainable development, both now and for future generations. Region Västra Götaland is one of the largest employers in the country. This means that together, we can make a real difference in the transition to a sustainable future. We will commit to that, in all our decisions and services. Our goals are ambitious, and they require us to do everything we can – for our planet and for every human being.

Our contribution to Agenda 2030

The UN’s 17 global sustainability goals in Agenda 2030 are the most ambitious sustainability goals the world has ever committed to. Sweden is well ahead in the transition but much work remains to be done. As a social stakeholder, Region Västra Götaland will act as a forerunner for sustainable development in Sweden and the rest of the world.

Region Västra Götaland’s vision states that sustainable development should provide a framework for all development work in Västra Götaland and that it should be taken into account in all its decisions. The sustainability goals of Region Västra Götaland outlines the ambitions and priorities for sustainable work through to 2030. During this time period, sustainability will gradually be integrated into all governing documents for the Västra Götaland Region's primary tasks in health and medical care, public transport, regional development and culture.

An indivisible whole

The three dimensions of sustainability – the ecological, social and economic – are an indivisible whole because they are connected to and dependent on each other.

Ecological sustainability

Our society today faces several major environmental challenges. Climate change affects people’s health and living conditions by more frequent extreme weather events, both in Sweden and globally. Biodiversity

is declining at an accelerating rate. Our consumption drains many of Earth’s resources and spreads toxins to humans, animals and nature. The reason for Region Västra Götaland’s Environmental goals 2030 is to

responsibly make use of our planet’s resources in a sustainable way, both now and in the future.

Our sustainability goals

1.Our work is resource-efficient and non-toxic.

Our flows of products and materials will be resource-efficient and non-toxic by 2030.

2. We transition to a low climate impact

By 2030, our direct greenhouse gas emissions will have been reduced by 85%, and indirect emissions by 50%.

By 2045, we will have net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

3. We promote biodiversity and ecosystems

By 2030, we will be using ecosystem services sustainably and promoting biodiversity.

Environmental management

By 2025, departments and companies will be eco-certified according to ISO 14001, some may choose to obtain an environmental diploma instead.

Social sustainability

A socially sustainable society is a fair and equal society, where people live a good and healthy life, without any unfair differences. A tolerant society centered around human equality, which requires people to trust each other and to participate in the development of society.

Social sustainability is critically important for a democratic society, and it is completely necessary from a socioeconomic perspective. A socially sustainable society can withstand pressures and is adaptable and open to change.

Region Västra Götaland will work towards reaching the national public health goal, which involves creating the conditions for a good and equal health for the population, and to reduce preventable health inequalities within the timespan of one generation.

Human rights and human dignity will be at the core of Region Västra Götaland’s work and our democracy. Equality, participation, transparency and accountability will be at the heart of all our activities and decisions. No person will be left behind.

Our sustainability goals

1. We promote good health and well-being

The health and well-being among people in Västra Götaland will be improved by 2030.

2. We work for equality and equal rights

Unfair differences in living conditions and human rights for people in Västra Götaland will be reduced by 2030.

3. We create trust, security and participation.

Trust, security and participation among people in Västra Götaland will increase by 2030.

Economic sustainability

Region Västra Götaland will have a sustainable economic development by means of good financial management, balanced long-term finances, responsible investments and sustainable procurements. 

Everyone has a responsibility

All services in Region Västra Götaland will participate in the transition to a sustainable future. The responsibility for implementing Region Västra Götaland’s sustainability goals rests with the respective administrations and company managements, but also with each employee’s contribution in their own role.

Implementation and
follow-up of the goals

Sustainability should be part of every decision and step we take – together. We need to actively contribute to a sustainable development across all of our services, and in all our contacts with patients, visitors and residents.

A successful co-operation between the public, the private and civic society is a prerequisite to reach the goals. Our work will be trust-based with those we serve, based on the principles of equality, participation, transparency and accountability.

Environmental and social sustainability must be clearly integrated in the departments’ and companies’ processes for budgets, operational planning and follow-up, in order to secure financial and staff resources.

Communication materials 

Materials and communication support are available here for those who want to know more about Region Västra Götaland’s work with Agenda 2030 and sustainability. 

The material is free to use.  


Region Västra Götaland’s head office manages, develops and coordinates the region’s work with Agenda 2030 and the sustainability goals. If you have any questions about it or comments about the communication materials – please contact us. 

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