Test environment for animals

Svartbrun hund luktar på metallbehållare

In our testing environments for animals, new solutions are developed which focus on increased animal welfare, sustainable horse husbandry systems and improved working environments.

They provide the opportunity to test new technical solutions, develop new working methods and to study behaviors in animals. For example, we can help train animals to perform new tasks, compare different types of horse husbandries, or demonstrate how to manage animals using positive reinforcements. Our assets are included in our teaching activities where the courses are closely linked to the research field.

Animal assets

  • Animal facilities with zoo and pet animals
  • Facilities for trotting, horse riding and Icelandic equitation
  • School horses for trotting, riding and Icelandic
  • Stables for different disciplines
  • Horse simulators
  • Competition facilities
  • Farrier school
  • Milk production with about 130 cows, 150 heifers and 40 calves
  • Sheep, about 100 ewes and 5 rams
  • Pigs, 1 boar, 40 sows and about 800 piglets/year