Test environments

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We can provide open test environments for all green industries on our sites. These are real user environments where members from research, industry and the public sector can come together to collaborate and to develop the green industries.

What is a test environment? 

A test environment can be described as the environment where test activities are carried out in collaboration between different parties. This could be a lab, or a simulated or real user environment. Each test environment consists of both the physical infrastructure (such as equipment, facilities, agricultural landscapes) and softer values such as competence, organization, external relations, etc. In a test environment, different organizations can work together to test new ideas, products or technologies before scaling up or bringing their product to market.

Test environments at the Department of natural resources

Our test environments are based on our physical facilities where we have a range of expertise covering most of the green industries. We can help you with

  • practical elements (such as animal or crop care, test-driving machines or test cooking in a commercial kitchen)
  • daily data collection
  • reporting results
  • project management

Our development and education activities are carried out alongside each other in such a way that both teachers and students are part of the development process.

Examples of physical infrastructure that can be used in our testing activities include

  • facilities with specific technology or equipment (e.g. Timmerhuset in Svenljunga or the Sötåsen biogas plant)
  • forest and farmland
  • livestock

These have been used, for example, to run cultivation tests, test new technologies such as drones, and find new ways to use smaller biogas plants. The work involved in these test environments is mainly in the form of development projects and shorter assignments.  

Try it with us!

Do you have an idea that can help develop the green industries? We are open to all types of collaborations that can help develop the green industries. If you have an idea or are interested in using our test environments, please contact us and tell us more about it.

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