About us

We strengthen the power of innovation and build new skills by offering environments for development, testing and demonstration as well as creating accepting meeting places for knowledge exchange. Our focus is on the sustainable development of the countryside, the green industries and an increased interaction between country and city.

We want to contribute to set Västra Götaland as an example in the transition to a sustainable and competitive society. We do this by contributing to a countryside that is robust and cohesive, equal and open as well as fossil independent and circular.

We offer open development, test and demonstration environments where stakeholders in business, research and education can meet in a non-prestige collaboration. Our experimental and testing activities are closely linked to the activities at our schools and focus on issues in agriculture, animals, food, energy, forestry and pedagogy. Many of our projects are testing and introducing new technologies and working methods to the industry. We also have projects that focus on developing our schools' education, for example with simulator-based teaching, and projects with aim to contribute to a greener future with new Swedish protein crops.