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Trade & Industry

Region Västra Götaland is required to help create a thriving and sustainable local economy. Our aim is to create more new jobs through new enterprises and company expansions.

Together with other organisations in the region, we help local businesses by providing development capital and making it possible for people who want to develop an idea or start a business to gain access to free advisory and professional development services.

We promote entrepreneurship among people of all ages and within the social economy. We also work to help ensure that businesses and residents in rural areas can receive good service and develop themselves.

Some examples of our activities

  • Assisting advisory services, innovation support and internationalisation
  • Financing business ideas and business and product development in small and medium-sized enterprises and within the social economy
  • Financing incubators, science parks, training in entrepreneurship, and industrial development centres

Small and medium sized corporations

Supporting local governments that want to achieve their ambitions and implement their action plans for improving the business environment in their municipalities.

Helena Starfelt

Head of Enterprise
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Updated: 2018-08-17 11:32