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The Cultural Affairs Committee of Region Västra Götaland drives the strategic regional development within arts and culture with : Culture strategy for Västra Götaland and the regional culture plan for 2020–2023 as the foundation. The committee strives for renewal in the area of cultural policy – inquisitively and flexibly in order to capture the new forms of art and culture of our times. The committee gives assignments to 80 departments, institutions, organisations and associations and every year provides financial support to about a hundred. The purpose is to strengthen the role of culture and cultural practicioners in society.

Region Västra Götaland - Culture (short version)

Region Västra Götaland - Culture (full version)

The right to participate

It is important that all inhabitants of Västra Götaland, wherever they live, have access to cultural experiences and are given the opportunity to participate in them. Several of the major institutions have permanent spaces in more than one place and tour around Västra Götaland. Region Västra Götaland also works actively to support independent cultural associations and organisations. Folk high schools and educational associations are important resources in lifelong learning, but other cultural institutions, for example museums and theatres, also play an important role in education, learning and participation for the inhabitants of the region.

The right to participate

The Göteborg Opera

The Göteborg Opera is a wholly-owned limited liability company within the Västra Götaland region, with the objective of giving all of the region’s inhabitants access to opera, dance and musicals.

The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is the National Orchestra of Sweden. Each year, about 100 concerts are held in the Gothenburg Concert Hall at Götaplatsen. The orchestra is a part of Region Västra Götaland.

Regionteater Väst

Regionteater Väst is Sweden's largest touring performing arts institution for a young audience and one of the country's largest producers of dance and theatre. Our remit comes from the Västra Götaland Region and Uddevalla municipality.

Film i Väst

Film Väst is the most successful regional film fund in Scandinavia. Film Väst seeks projects that can compete in the most prestigious film festivals and/or be seen by a large international audience. Film Väst is a part of Region Västra Götaland.

Katti Hoflin

Head of Culture
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Annika Strömberg

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