External relations

Västra Götaland’s future prospects are closely bound up with developments on the national and international stages. Region Västra Götaland protects west-Swedish interests by monitoring and influencing decisions at the national and European levels, both individually and in cooperation with other Swedish and European regions. Both the actions of the surrounding world and the importance of the organisation’s own external actions through lobbying, profiling, international monitoring and cooperation are becoming increasingly important.

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Region Västra Götaland has offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Brussels. Having physical offices in these locations gives us the ability to advocate for our interests, carry out environmental scanning and participate in political debate. Naturally, our efforts to promote the region are also facilitated by our presence in these decision-making centres.

European Networks & Organisations

Region Västra Götaland is an active participant and driving force in a number of regional networks and organisations. In several instances, we either act as the chair of, or hold other executive positions within these networks. Through these networks, Europe’s regions work together to influence EU decisions, learn from one another’s experience and solve common challenges.

Geographic networks have been established that focus on development around a sea region or border. Thematic networks are also in place for addressing issues such as the environment and health and life-long learning, for example. In addition, broad regional organisations also exist that strengthen regions’ influence on European decision-making bodies.

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