Regional development

Region Västra Götaland helps create a rich, enjoyable life – “the good life” – for local residents by laying the best possible foundation for their well-being and personal growth. We strive to realise our vision of a long-term sustainable community where efforts to achieve economic and social progress are balanced with consideration for their impact on climate change and the environment. In short, we make living the good life possible.

Regional Development Strategy for Västra Götaland 2021 – 2030

Regional Development Strategy for Västra Götaland sets out the direction for the work regional development during the period 2021–2030. The Strategy is focused on the need to address the serious challenges we are facing and in doing so make the transition to a more sustainable and competitive society.


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Västra Götaland in EU

Region Västra Götaland is an active member of different regional organisations and networks in Europe. Find out more here.


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Our mission

Region Västra Götaland creates favourable conditions for local business and industry by investing in entrepreneurship, innovation and a skilled labour supply. We also work to enhance the region’s appeal and accessibility by developing our public transportation and infrastructure. Moreover, we make it possible for more people to both experience and make their own contributions to our local cultural scene thanks to Sweden’s largest regional arts and culture budget.

Looking ahead to the future, we also strive to promote the region’s transition to a low-carbon economy, innovation and social sustainability. Region Västra Götaland also strives to improve public health and to ensure that each resident’s human rights are upheld and protected on equal terms, without discrimination. We are a facilitator and an active partner in these efforts.

Our organisation also cooperates closely with academia, the business community, public stakeholders and civil society at the local, regional, national and international levels. We help promote the vision of a long-term sustainable community where the local economy, the environment and social development are all given due consideration.

Put simply, we help make living the good life a possibility for more people.