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Metal oxides in combustion, CO2-capture and H2-production

MoRE2020 Fellow Arijit Biswas, incoming mobility from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and TATA Steel Ltd, India to Chalmers University of Technology

Project summary

Oxygen carriers can transport oxygen in solid form and by doing so it can in a new and innovative way enhance the performance of combustion, CO2-capture and H2-production. Oxygen carriers are metal oxides and are costly to produce. But by using industrial residue materials such as steel slag the oxygen carrier gets cheaper and at the same time materials that previously ended up on landfills can be reused. In this project a post-doc from TATA Steel (one of the largest and multinational integrated steel company in the world) will come to Chalmers and investigate how steel slag can be used as oxygen carriers. Chalmers is world leading in the field of oxygen carriers and TATA Steel has plenty of unused steel slag as well as a need for sustainable energy production. This cooperation can give Sweden and the world more efficient energy and hydrogen production and will more specifically help India into a sustainable energy future.

Collaborating end-users: Göteborg Energi, Babcock & Wilcox Völund, Lidköping Energi

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