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Qing Zhao, incoming Jubilee Professor at Chalmers, unwinds complexity

Incoming researcher Qing Zhao, Jubilee Professor, is hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers. Yvonne Jonsson at Chalmers introduced the visiting Professor as well as her work in an engaging piece presented at Chalmers webpage.

Jonsson introduces the researcher:

"The difficulty often lies in simplicity. To Qing Zhao, Jubilee Professor at Chalmers, understanding of a research problem is crucial. Merely solving the problem is not sufficient for her – she strives for achieving understanding and thus finding the simple, and also the best, solution.​                    

​Professor Qing Zhao from Cornell University, USA, is one of Chalmers´ four Jubilee Professors in 2019. The Department of Electrical Engineering is her host during the year-long visit. Her expertise will benefit Chalmers, as well as Volvo Cars and Ericsson, in a project run by Region Västra Götaland, with the purpose to study how machine learning can be used to increase road traffic safety (MoRE2020)."

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