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Results of MoRE2020's first Call for Proposals

MoRE2020's first call for proposals was open from 2 May - 1 September 2017. The programme received 21 applications, of which 19 were eligible. After peer review and evaluation by international and Swedish experts, the proposals were ranked and prioritised by the MoRE2020 Programme Board. On 8 December, the Regional Development Committee of Region Västra Götaland awarded MoRE2020 grants to the following proposals.

MoRE2020 Fellow Karin Sjöstrand, outgoing mobility to the Columbia University in the City of New York, USA, from RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

MoRE2020 Fellow Kamyab Zandi, outgoing mobility from Chalmers University of Technology to Stanford University, USA

MoRE2020 Fellow Ola Grimsholm, incoming mobility from Bambino Gesu Children's Hospital, Italy, to the University of Gothenburg

MoRE2020 Fellow Rhian Waller, incoming mobility from the University of Maine, USA, to the University of Gothenburg

MoRE2020 Fellow Ali Assifaoui, incoming mobility from University of Burgundy, France, to Chalmers University of Technology

MoRE2020 Fellow Malgorzata Krzyzowska, incoming mobility from EIT+ Research Centre Wroclaw, Poland to the University of Gothenburg

Read more about the proposals awarded in the second call for proposals here.

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