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Recreational fisheries along the Swedish West Coast: characterization, quantification, biological impact and applications into management

MoRE2020 Fellow Cynthia Jones, incoming mobility from Old Dominion University, USA, to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Project summary

Recreational fishing is of high social and economic value worldwide. In Sweden, about 1.6 million people participate in recreational fisheries. Beside their increasingly recognized importance for the assessment of resource status and management, recreational fisheries are an important component of the social/tourism economy.

Recreational fisheries are well characterized in USA and Australia, while in Europe focus has been put on this subject only recently. Recreational fisheries in Sweden have never been fully characterized and quantified. Therefore, very little is known about whether recreational fisheries have an impact on the natural resources, resulting in uncertain estimations of their status also internationally. This knowledge gap has been pointed out by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea and by the European Commission, as a crucial pitfall to reach robust fish stock assessment and management advice.

The project will improve the sampling methodologies of the recreational fisheries activities in Sweden and the statistical analyses of the collected data, using specific case studies with focus on the Swedish west coast. The project will run in close collaboration with the recreational anglers and the national and international authorities responsible for the provision of scientific advice to the policy makers. The project will ultimately foster better fisheries management and conservation of the aquatic natural resources in Sweden and abroad, and will build the foundation of a profitable local economy through tourism and associated recreational activities. The project, through the collaboration between SLU Aqua and an incoming world-leading American researcher, will strengthen excellence of Västra Götaland region in this research area.

Collaborating end-users: Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)

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