Transport Infrastructure

Region Västra Götaland conducts, participates in and finances various studies connected to infrastructure that aim to develop our regional transportation system.

We work continuously on the long-term regional and national planning of road, rail, public transportation and aviation initiatives. Our aim is to make commuting and transporting goods in Västra Götaland easier and to make travelling to, from and within the region more convenient. We are also working to expand the broadband service across the region.

Some examples of our activities

We draft the investment plan for improving our regional transport infrastructure, which includes a budget of half a billion kronor annually; government funding that we are responsible for allocating. These investments cover regional roadways, waterways, bicycle paths and public transportation infrastructure, such as travel hubs and bus lanes.

Our organisation also works to increase the number of government-funded infrastructure initiatives underway in Västra Götaland. It is expected that increasing the amount of goods transported by rail and developing commuting services within our region will require extensive efforts going forward.


Ulrika Bokeberg

Head of Public transports and Infrastructure

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